Humanity’s Values Podcast

Humanity’s Values is a podcast of Life Weavings, LLC, dedicated to exploring the  psychology of relationships. In my role as Mental Health Coach I will help expand your understanding of what it means to live a relationally-integrated life.

My hope in this podcast is that what I share is not just a reflection of what I believe, but the beginning of a dialogue about what we find important in our lives. For many of us, myself included, we’ve struggled with defining our purpose, wrestled with ideas large and small, and in many different ways, stumbled through that journey weighted down by the rigid structures of religion and other limiting ideologies.

I for one was quite happy to leave fundamentalism behind and after several years I realized I could step away from dogma while maintaining a love of humanity. In that continuing journey the desire to explore questions of meaning and transcendence has continued. I don’t expect that we’ll always be in agreement, but I do bring myself ready and willing to ask questions, explore ideas and dive into what we Value.

If you have any questions about any part of this episode, please feel free to reach out. I will respond to each message and it’s possible your question may get an entire episode dedicated to it! If your question/topic is selected I will let you know.

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Self-Care Instead of Self-Harm

The stories of our life will frame the potential for self-care or self-harm, resilience or fragility, setting us up for an array of behavior that can support one or the other. Untruths What doesn't kill you makes you weakerAlways trust your feelingsLife is a battle...

Accepting and Rebounding from Failure

Connecting the nature of failure to a discussion of behavior and go over six steps to working through the difficulty of failing. 

Finding Values in Every Behavior

Ever wondered what behavior was all about? Here we explore Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) through the relational structure of Values - Narrative - Behavior, the guiding philosophy taught at Life Weavings through therapy and coaching. Challenging the usual...

Behind Conspiracies Are the Patterns We Create to Feel in Control

“Fear is the mind-killer.” So says the Bene Gesserit, a female-only religio-political group from the sci-fi epic series of Dune by Frank Herbert. The aphorism concerns the tendency for humanity to forget its more rational potential in the face of a lack of control....

Anxiety is Obnoxious and Mindful Acceptance Can Help

The old saying that nothing stays the same except death and taxes is about as useless during tax season as it is when faced with a global pandemic. Both situations induce anxiety to varying degrees and both are subject to change given the degrees of governmental...

Sleep is the Cornerstone of Healthy Habits

It all starts with sleep.  How you finish your day determines how you start your day. A good night’s sleep is the cornerstone of healthy habits and healthy habits are the foundation of self-care.   No matter what your objectives are, it is...